A Way to Build Your Team: Remote Staffing in the Philippines

The pandemic has made a significant impact on how we do business. From onsite working, companies had to transition to remote working, and as the regulations ease, hybrid working is now becoming a trend in the work setup. 

KMC Teams provides remote staffing that could bring various benefits to your company. Some of these include having a diverse talent pool and a multilinguistic staff.  Know how you can grow your business with us!

Remote Staffing Solutions in the Philippines

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Tom Morgan

National Manager / ASG

KMC allowed ASG to set up operations quickly without the hassle or inconvenience of piecing together resources, services, and capabilities from different sources."

Michael Klint

Director of Operations / Moscord

Positives significantly outweigh the negatives working with KMC, It's definitely positive, there's a lot of talent, you can move quickly, it's very agile, we've had a lot of success."

Larah Teng

Country Manager / Zoom

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KMC helps us scale whether through leased workspace that they help manage or through staff leasing - leveraging KMC's core expertise which is talent acquisition"

Ivan - Catch

Ivan Trajkovski

Head of Customer Experience/Catch


KMC plays a key role in our growth strategy allowing us to scale up our workforce quickly and efficiently. This extends across many departments' including Customers Service, Marketing, Back Office and more. "


Remote Staffing in the Philippines

What is remote staffing?

Remote staffing is commonly seen as synonymous with the term “outsourcing.” However, the two are different. Outsourcing does not require the employer to hire people since they will only outsource specific services and operations. On the other hand, remote staffing allows companies to hire people. This option is beneficial in the long-run since companies can find talent from a diverse pool.

Features and Benefits

Reduced Cost

Although outsourcing has relatively lower investment costs than remote staffing, the latter could be a high-value investment that companies can leverage in the long-run.

Access to Global Talents

Access to global talent also means being able to build a team with a diverse skill set and expertise. Skilled professionals could help develop your projects and operations, which could give companies an advantage in defining or enhancing the operations and workplace culture.

Flexible Work Arrangement

Remote work provides you with an opportunity to have a flexible work arrangement. With remote working, companies have more control over the outcome. In a flexible work setup, communication means are not limited, but it is essential to set processes and guidelines for the team.


Hiring and building teams are challenging in an environment that is constantly changing. As a solution, companies use remote staffing because it is a more conducive and cost-effective method. There are many agencies that businesses can partner up with that can provide a pre-screening of the candidates who want to apply for a job.

Why choose remote staffing in the Philippines

The Philippines’ IT-BPO industry has become one of the best in the world, helping businesses create a remote and highly capable business unit at a cost-effective rate. The country’s vast talent pool has made it easier for global companies to drop geographical boundaries, in order to connect with the right talent. With the IT-BPO industry becoming one of the fastest-growing sectors in the Philippines, it has transformed the country into a top outsourcing destination for other global industries. 

Remote Staff: Developers


Application developers are one of the best remote jobs nowadays. This role focuses more on creating, programming, testing, and maintaining software apps that people use.


The digital world has been transforming our personal and professional lives. Graphic designing, which focuses on computer applications and traditional artistic media, is a common opportunity offered for remote working.

Remote Staff: Designers
Remote Staff: IT


Remote jobs under information technology (IT) include technical support engineers. This job is best for people interested in network systems, troubleshooting techniques, operating systems, and other technical operations.


One specific engineering job that is also in demand today is software engineering. Software engineers are the ones who build software for video games, apps, and network systems.

Remote Staff: Engineering
Remote Staff: Data Science

Data Science

Data science focuses on analyzing data and providing insights that could help the company make informed decisions. Examples of data science jobs are business and marketing analysts.

Digital Marketing and Content

In addition to remote jobs marketing, digital market, and content are not limited to graphic designers. It also includes writers who create technical, marketing, or creating writing.

Remote Staff: Digital Marketing & Content
Remote Staff: Professional Services

Professional Services

Professional services include multiple career fields that can help your business operate. Examples are but are not limited to IT support, user experience (UX) and user interaction (UI) development, financial planning and advising, brand development, corporate law, and medical and public services.

Human Resources

Human resources is another in-demand remote work opportunity. They are responsible for reviewing a candidate’s resume and holding interviews. With enough training and experience, they could also conduct remote job hiring.  

Remote Staff: Human Resources
Remote Staff: Contact Center

Contact Center

Many jobs under the contact center are considered flexjobs. It means that you can work with flexible time and remotely. The contact center provides support to people by answering inquiries or solving issues.


Examples of administrative support are account clerks and specialists, and operations managers. Their role is to provide specialized services that will allow the business to function and meet its goals.

Remote Staff: Administrative

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Growing your business is difficult, but remote staffing provides a cost effective and efficient solution for your talent needs. The creation of a remote team in a country that can enable your business to reduce costs only spells further growth and paves the way for success. Business owners today are now embracing this reality now that remote work is possible no matter where you are and that talent may lie where you least expect it to. 

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