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Distributed teams are currently on the rise and various local & international firms are looking to outsource talent for their own virtual team.

Eight months into the country’s General Community Quarantine, most businesses have adjusted to a flexible work arrangement that allows them to work from home in line with social distancing protocols. At the onset of the COVID-19 virus and the beginning of the lockdown, many businesses struggled to stay afloat, resulting in business closures and job losses that were on the rise. But with digitally transformed processes and Business Continuity Plans (BCPs) that fell into place, businesses have now started to recover and adapt their firms to the new normal slowly. 

Although most organizations are faring better during the last quarter of the year, workers who have suffered losses during the first half may still be struggling. The Philippines’ adult unemployment rate is at 39.5%, with badly hit industries more likely to search for different jobs outside their normal profession. However, with the flexibility of remote work and a digitally-enabled environment, various jobs and professions are now in high demand to assist businesses also learning to adjust to the virtual age. Overseas organizations also look to the Philippines for their outsourcing needs, helping them stay globally competitive with a pulse on the market.  

Distributed teams are currently on the rise, and various local & international firms are looking to outsource talent for their virtual team. With remote and home-based employees still slowly fueling the economy, today’s in-demand jobs offer more flexibility in qualifications or skills. Listed below are some professions that one could easily and slowly transition to as outsourcing becomes a more viable pandemic solution: 

Virtual Assistant 

With businesses largely operating online, more firms are looking for remote workers to assist them with technical tasks with clients and customers. Virtual assistants provide professional administrative, technical, and creative support to main callers about products or services they are offering.  

A strong command of the English language is needed as various firms from overseas outsource this profession, therefore also having to deal with foreign clients. Proficient computer skills are also a basic qualification with the birth of the digital age, efficiently completing administrative and technical tasks online.  

Project Manager 

With the majority of firms operating virtually, project managers are needed now more than ever to ensure everything’s sailing smoothly. Primarily in charge of overseeing the execution of a project from start to finish, this perfectly fits in with businesses looking to find someone to manage their virtual team.  

Ensuring all aspects are working within the desired timeframe and budget and solving problems creatively and efficiently with keen attention to detail gives one a good start. 

Quality Assurance Specialist 

Companies who outsource different jobs and tasks mainly want to focus on their core business but will still need checking of the quality of products they put out. This is where Quality Assurance Specialists come in, who are mainly responsible for monitoring and implementing processes to correct a company’s final products that meet established quality standards.  

Being detail-oriented and incredibly thorough is one of the critical traits to helping a business maintain high-quality standards.  

Payroll Accountant 

 Mainly in charge of an organization’s payroll operations, payroll accountants prepare a business’ employee salary statements and process paychecks. This also includes maintaining payroll files and generating reports to ensure all payroll processes align with government laws and policies.  

Document Controller 

Most businesses have enough on their hands trying to run their operations, especially with a new distributed team setup and most of their staff working from home. This may leave important documents, other files, and details to fall through the cracks and go unnoticed.  

Document controllers address this concern because they are responsible for the timely, accurate, and efficient management of these documents. They handle the numbering, sorting, filing, storing, and retrieving of soft and hard copy documents generated by technical teams, projects, and departments. 

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