Officially Certified As A Great Place To Work!

Officially recognized by the global authority on workplace culture, The Great Place to Work®️ Certification™️ is an exceptional badge of honor given to companies who are recognized as top “employers of choice”.

KMC Great Place to Work

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Tom Morgan

National Manager / ASG

KMC allowed ASG to set up operations quickly without the hassle or inconvenience of piecing together resources, services, and capabilities from different sources."

Michael Klint

Director of Operations / Moscord

Positives significantly outweigh the negatives working with KMC, It's definitely positive, there's a lot of talent, you can move quickly, it's very agile, we've had a lot of success."

Larah Teng

Country Manager / Zoom

zoom logo

KMC helps us scale whether through leased workspace that they help manage or through staff leasing - leveraging KMC's core expertise which is talent acquisition"

Ivan - Catch

Ivan Trajkovski

Head of Customer Experience/Catch


KMC plays a key role in our growth strategy allowing us to scale up our workforce quickly and efficiently. This extends across many departments' including Customers Service, Marketing, Back Office and more. "


It is the only recognition based entirely on what employees report about their workplace experience – specifically, how consistently they experience a high-trust workplace.

The GPTW Certification is recognized worldwide by employees and employers alike and is the global benchmark for identifying and recognizing outstanding employee experience. Every year, more than 10,000 companies across 60 countries apply to get Great Place to Work-Certified.

Among the most popular outsourcing in the Philippines are American companies that transfer customer service work to Filipinos through call center companies. The call center industry in the Philippines has gone so big that it has already surpassed India as the world’s call center capital.

KMC Company Culture

86% of employees at KMC Solutions say it is a great place to work compared to 53% of employees at a typical Global company

Source: Great Place to Work®️ 2019 Global Employee Engagement Study


Our facilities contribute to a good working environment.


People celebrate special events around here.


I'm proud to tell others work here


I am given resources and equipment to do my job.


People here are given a lot of responsibility.

Hybrid work

Whether your team prefers to work in a professional office, a shared space near home, or their own home office, KMC can enable any preferred work setup for your remote team.

KMC Hybrid Work
WELL Certified


All KMC workspaces have achieved a WELL Health Safety Rating through the International WELL Building Institute, ensuring your remote team is working in the healthiest and safest work environments.

Employee Engagements

Let KMC provide your remote team with exclusive access to community-building events, after-hour sessions, and weekly office perks, giving them an intimate feel on what it’s like to be part of the KMC culture and community.
KMC Employee Engagement

Unmatched Talent Experience In A Great Place To Work

We work hard and party harder while still being devoted to putting our best foot forward in all that we do at KMC. Everyone is encouraged to be a multi-faceted individual truly embodying the flexible work + life KMC advocates for.

Being a part of this tight-knit community lends itself to multiple opportunities for growth and learning opportunities, mind and body activities that promote health & wellness, as well as access to after-hours events to help wind down.