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Let KMC take care of everything with our Employer of Record (EOR) from hiring the right candidates to HR support, compliance and even employee engagement activities, so you can focus on what’s truly important – growing your business.
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Tom Morgan

National Manager / ASG

KMC allowed ASG to set up operations quickly without the hassle or inconvenience of piecing together resources, services, and capabilities from different sources."

Michael Klint

Director of Operations / Moscord

Positives significantly outweigh the negatives working with KMC, It's definitely positive, there's a lot of talent, you can move quickly, it's very agile, we've had a lot of success."

Larah Teng

Country Manager / Zoom

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KMC helps us scale whether through leased workspace that they help manage or through staff leasing - leveraging KMC's core expertise which is talent acquisition"

Ivan - Catch

Ivan Trajkovski

Head of Customer Experience/Catch


KMC plays a key role in our growth strategy allowing us to scale up our workforce quickly and efficiently. This extends across many departments' including Customers Service, Marketing, Back Office and more. "

Reynaldo Mendoza, Jr.

MTO (PH) Manager / Coral Active

KMC consistently demonstrates a proactive approach in meeting our requirements, and we have full confidence in their ability to scale up effortlessly.


WHAT IS Employer of record (EOR)?

Employer of Record is referred to as EOR. An EOR is a third-party business that manages all employment-related duties on behalf of another business. This helps the EOR reduce the responsibilities and hazards associated with local employment rules while enabling foreign businesses to establish offshore teams without establishing local offices.

How KMC’s Employer of Record (EOR) Services Work?

KMC offers Employer of Record (EOR) such as hiring employees, payroll and general HR management services for its clients’ companies. Our team of expert professionals can seamlessly handle these EOR critical administrative tasks for your company. In our Employee of Record (EOR) services also ensure compliance with local tax laws and systems businesses must follow in the talent insourcing process. In this way, you can focus on growing and expanding your business in different countries.
EOR Flow

One Less Thing To Worry About

The hiring process in EOR has never been simpler, smoother, or faster. Simply choose KMC’s Employer of Record (EOR) services to avoid costly local entity fees and recurring costs associated with managing benefits, payroll, and legal tax compliance in the Philippines – all while your employees work for you just like they would on their home soil.
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Say Goodbye to The Challenges That Face Your Business Today

Whether you’re a company owner, employer or an HR manager, the war for talent is one of those challenges that can have devastating effects on your business. These challenges include:


Fast, Compliant Hiring
Localized HR Tools
Local Knowledge
Localized Benefits
Amazing Talent Experience
Beautiful Spaces Built for Productivity

The Zoom Story: Zero to Hero in 6 Months Amid the Pandemic

Zoom has become the number one tool in everybody’s remote work setup. In line with this massive transition, the company has had to pivot its operations to adapt to its rapid expansion. In this process, KMC has provided them with high-quality teams that have helped navigate their growth in the Philippines.

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Benefits of Having an Employer of Record (EOR)

The Employer of Record (EOR) offers efficient end-to-end solutions and services to talent insourcing for businesses. In this way, companies can become more efficient with allocating time and resources. Read on below to know more about the benefits of having an Employer of Record (EOR) in your business functions!
EOR Benefits

Your dynamic workforce is just one click away

Philippines offshoring model

Timeline3-6 Months< 30 Days*
Candidate SourcingNo control over the candidates being hired for the rolesYou are directly involved in the screening & recruiting process
Employee ManagementActivities managed entirely by Outsourcing Company
Hired candidates answer primarily to Outsourcing Company
Elevated attrition rates (up to 48%)
You have full autonomy on managing employees
Employees can address their concerns to both KMC and yourself
Lower attrition rates (30%, annualized)
Facilitate transfer of staff employment from KMC to your local entity
Data and IP Security
CostAdditional markup on the salary of the outsourced teamsNo additional markup on salaries
Transparent and lower operational cost

Easy Setup

Better Talent

Ecosystem Benefits

Cost Savings

Value Added Benefits


In line with KMC Solutions’ vision of making work + life better, the company has since created a unique talent experience for their community as they strive to continuously provide their employees with the right tools and environment to succeed.
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